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U.S. President le Birthright Citizenship


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U.S. President le Birthright Citizenship

U.S. President le Birthright Citizenship


U.S. Birthright Citizenship remh khawh a si maw?

Birthright citizenship remh khawh a si ko. Asinain Presidential Executive Order lawngin remh khawh a si lai lo. Remh duh ahcun US Constitution rem hmasa a hau te lai. Zeicaah tiah Birthright Citizenship cu Constitution nih nawl a pekmi a si (DACA or Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals kong he cun tahchun awk a si lo i, DACA cungah a hram bun ding zong a si fawn lo. Aa petlainak a um lo).

US Constitution rem duh ahcun US Congress, US President, le US Supreme Court (Justice hna nih constitutionality an zoh hmasa a hau te daw a si, hi kong ahcun) an hnatla a hau te lai.

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